Monday, April 16, 2012

World Health Organisation(WHO) Recruitment for Nurses and Midwives

Job Vacancies Announcement:

The Nursing and Midwifery Office at WHO announces a number of opportunities for graduate students and outstanding nurse or midwife leaders to be involved in global health particularly in the areas of healthy policy,
health system strengthening through primary health care approach, research, practice and education of health personnel for nursing and midwifery services.

Reason for the Program

This is an off -site program for individuals qualifying for the internship program and objectives of the program is the same as the Internship. The practicum is for a period of at least 8 weeks and requires in-country work with the WHO Collaborating Centre on Nursing and Midwifery Development. Each participant is to work with a faculty adviser at a WHO Collaborating Centre. The faculty adviser will provide on - site guidance and supervision. Additionally, the Nursing and Midwifery Office at WHO will maintain weekly conference (electronic) with the participant and his or her faculty adviser to monitor the work progress and provide the assistance needed for successful delivery of expected outcomes at the end of the practicum.

Aim of the Program:

The program provides interns the opportunity to learn more about the World Health Organization as a whole as well as the role of nursing and midwifery at the WHO. It is open to graduate students who are finishing their programme from an accredited school. The internship is for a duration of 8 weeks. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria may apply for the internship. WHO's general intern guidelines are applicable.
Nurse or midwife scholar programme

The programme is designed for outstanding nurse or midwife leaders to actively participate in development of health policy and normative tools and models on nursing and midwifery services at the global level. It offers a programme of intensive orientation of work in the Nursing and Midwifery Office in WHO. The programme is open to individuals with extensive experience and skills in identifying issues of special policy and strategic importance. Eligible scholars include senior leaders in education, practice, research and policy. These may be Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officers, Deans, Directors of International Programmes, Directors of WHO Collaborating centres on Nursing and Midwifery Development. The programme is offered for a period of 3 months.


WHO does not provide resources to support individuals qualifying for the internship or scholar programs except health insurance.
Work area openings

The areas of work are consistent with the Office of Nursing and Midwifery focus. These are:

* Economics and determinants of health
* Workforce resiliency
* Integrated planning of human resources for health
* Primary Health Care
* Gender and poverty reduction
* Nursing and Midwifery Tools and Guidelines
* Contributions of nursing and midwifery services in health systems strengthening
* Nursing leadership in Primary Health Care
* Partnerships Models
* Nursing in Global Policy
How to apply
Candidates may send a curriculum vitae and a letter of interest to:


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